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Construction Phase

The goal in this phase is the efficiency and expedition of the construction process through professional planning and execution of Project activities, all focused upon fulfilling the Owner’s scope, cost, quality, and time requirements.

Project Inspection: Periodic site inspection will be conducted to verify that the Contractor and Consulting Engineer are fulfilling their contractual obligations. Progress of the Contractor will be recorded and submitted noting any discrepancies. Daily logs will be kept and will contain a record of weather, number of workers, work accomplished, work stoppages, problems encountered and other similar relevant data.

Follow up in obtaining building permits/ NOC’s and special permits as required.

Review of comprehensive plans for temporary construction facilities, utilities, off-site and on-site transportation/access, central warehousing, lay down areas, and mobilization logistics. The plan shall include provisions job safety, first aid, security, site maintenance/clearing and common construction equipment.

Receive, review and monitor certificates of insurance for contractors, forwarding them to the Client management.

Process Request for Information (RFI’s) submitted by the contractor(s)

Assist the Supervision Engineer in the review of safety programs developed by each contractor for compliance with contract documents.

Hold periodic meetings with contractor(s) and major sub-contractors and material suppliers to review progress and resolve potential problems.

Provide administration of progress payment controls to ensure proper payment is made consistent with work actually performed.

Submit written monthly progress reports to the Client documenting work performed. Status of change orders, schedule status, budget versus cost status, cash flow forecast and other pertinent project data as required.

Advise the client on delivery, storage, protection, and security of owner-purchased

Quality Assurance/Quality control

  • Monitor submittal and review of contractor and supplier drawings, material samples, test reports and other certifications and submittals by architect, engineer and specialty consultants, as required by contract and purchase order documents and monitor compliance by contractor(s) and suppliers
  • Arrange for preparation of sketches or drawings by architect, engineer or specialty consultants, in order to clarify contract drawings or specification details
  • Review proposed field changes and sketches, specifications and scope documents for field changes
  • Assist in evaluating construction methods and procedures
  • Monitor inspection by architects/engineers of contractors and suppliers work for conformance with contract and purchase order documents
  • Cause to be performed, tests of materials and equipment as required for conformance with specific requirements of contract documents, and document test results. Where tests indicate lack of conformance, initiate action to secure conformance
  • Note deficiencies in the contractor and suppliers work, cause correction to be made and check remedial works
  • Provide a record of tests made and other actions to verify quality of work and conformance with contracts and purchase order documents
  • Monitor reports by field inspectors including narrative of the work in progress, notations and tests made, pertinent facts as to problem areas and recommended solutions

Contractor Co-ordination: We will establish procedures for scheduling and co- ordinating the work of the Contractor to complete the Project in accordance with the Owner’s objectives regarding schedule, quality standards and Project budget. Administrative procedures and standard forms have been developed on previous Projects and will be implemented for processing approval and control of contract documents, drawings, and specifications, and change orders.

Scheduling: We will make the Contractor’s Construction Schedule level 1, 2 & 3 and analyze effect (if any) on the Project schedule. Schedules to be analyzed from the contractor include all construction activities, submittals and procurement plans. The Contractor’s Construction Schedule will be incorporated into the completion dates required by the Master Schedule. We will continually monitor and report on the progress of all trade and specialty contractors and prepare for a complete review and updating of the construction schedule at least monthly.

Develop Change Order and Claims Procedures: development and implementation of change order and claims management systems. We will provide several services to assist in effectively managing change orders and claims.

Change Order: We will develop a change order management system and a change order reporting process. This system should identify all the steps in the change order process, the responsibilities of each Project participant, the time frames for each step, the appropriate forms, and the tracking and documentation of each step in the change order process.

Contract Documentation and Consultancy Agreements: Preparation of General and Particular Conditions of Contract, identification of onerous clauses therein, identification of contradictions and resolution of ambiguities giving rise to dispute – all in compliance with the Local and Statutory regulations and provisions, best Contract preparation practices and recent local case law studies. Preparation of Consultancy Service Agreements. Preparation of Nomination and Novation Agreements, if any. Determination on Parties liabilities and the extent of each. Ensuring that amendments to standard forms are drafted to protect the Client interests and that contractors and consultants are responsible for their work. Liaison with the project team to support contractual issues (and when necessary drafting/vetting correspondence).

Claim Avoidance: Enforcement of Contract documents (on and off court). Active role during the occurrence of a dispute and advice and recommendation on claim avoidance.

Claim Preparation: Establishment of validity and rightfulness, potential risks and benefits of counter claim.  Production of an in-depth legal analysis of Project Documentation. Allocation of delay caused by Project Participants. Calculation of loss, expense, and damage. Negotiate strategy and settlement proposals.

We will perform a number of steps to maintain the claims management system, which is similar to the change order management system. These include developing the system and procedures, co-ordination with Project participants when a claims situation arises, meeting with the Contractor to attempt to achieve the earliest possible resolution, making recommendations to the Client and tracking all claims through the entire process.

In addition, we will analyze the validity of claims, including technical, factual and contractual elements of the claim and ensure that proper documentation is maintained for the Project.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Service: Mediation Adjudication Arbitration

Claims Avoidance: We will also assist the Client in developing a claims avoidance system. This includes risk analysis, development of appropriate provision in the contract documents, training of staff in effective techniques for avoiding and minimizing claims, and assistance in the most effective means for resolving claims that cannot be settled at the Project level.

Recovery Schedules: we will be directing the Contractor(s) to recover any lost time or time delay that may result from various causes.

Claim Review: Once p Project is near completion or completed, we will review and evaluate construction claims tat remain open or are submitted after substantial completion. Assist the Client by furnishing reports and supporting information necessary to resolve the dispute(s) or defend against claims. We will make specific recommendations for a claim management approach to investigation and fact finding, legal review, and pricing based on the merits of each claim outstanding. Additionally, we will identify any legitimate defenses that may exist to mitigate all or a portion of a claimable issue.
Shop Drawings: We will closely track and review all contractor submissions, which are to be sent directly to us for certification as a complete package. This procedure will permit us to monitor all activities in the review process, using a computerized tracking system and to determine where shop-drawing delays may be adversely affecting the process. We will record receipt of the package and forward appropriate copies to the consulting architect or his sub-consultants for review approval.

Punch Lists: In conjunction with the /consulting Engineer and the Owner, we will prepare a list of incomplete or defective work (punch list) prior to beneficial occupancy. When such incomplete or defective work has been remedied, we will advise the Client and issue a certificate, in order to allow beneficial use, while still protecting the Owner’s interests. When we determine that all punch list items have been satisfactorily completed, the contractor’s final estimated value of completed work will be reviewed and the remaining monies due the contractor will be approved for payment.

Payment Requests:  We will implement procedures for processing the Contractors Payments in conformance with the contract requirements . We will review the payment requests submitted by the Contractor for accuracy and determine whether the amount requested reflects the progress of the Contractors work. After such review appropriate adjustments will be made to each payment application and then a certificate for payment will be forwarded to the Client.

Long Lead Items: review the project drawings for the purpose of identifying long lead items (such as machinery, equipment and materials) which can or must be separately procured in advance in order to assure completion of the project within the time specified.

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