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AL-KOUT Mall - Phase II
Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading Co.
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United Tower - Services Package
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Symphony Hotel
Design Phase

Contract Administration: We will provide all necessary contract administration services on behalf of the Client with the Consulting Engineer including but not limited to the following:

  • Contract administration
  • Monitoring and controlling the design schedule
  • Monitoring the performance of the Consulting Engineer in accordance with its contract with the Client
  • Reviewing the work of the Consulting Engineer for conformance with Project requirements
  • Reviewing and recommending payments of the Consulting Engineer’s fees
  • Assisting the Client to negotiate resolution of disagreements with the Consulting Engineer before mediation or litigation

Document Review: We will review all design and contract documents, both technical and commercial. This review, and subsequent report, will encompass establishing cost and time, identifying alternatives, documentation, and potential problems. We will monitor compliance with the Milestone Schedule dates and submit revisions to the Client for acceptance.

 Monitor Design Schedule: We will monitor the design schedule prepared by the Consulting Engineer to ensure compliance with project time constraints.

Design Phase Progress Report: We will develop and implement a system for flow of information to all project parties concerning design progress during this phase. We will apprise all appropriate parties of any actual or potential constraints to the project goals through written recommendations for corrective action.

Project Policies and Procedures: develop and implement a Policies and Procedure manual/project management plan (PMP) that will be tailored to the Development Project requirements. The manual will be the guide for the project team, and will include a management plan, which is a systematic, end-result oriented, living plan for the management of the total program from pre-design through occupancy and operations in order to achieve the program goals. This plan defines how the project will procure design and construction services, and defines the strategy and sequencing of the project, Together with detailed policies and procedures, the manual will define the operating procedures for the entire project.

Prepare construction Contracts for Execution: One of the advantages of being exposed  to construction claims is the understanding of the importance of good contract documents. It has been our experience that many construction disputes originate from weak contracts. The Civil and Architectural Consultant will prepare the contract documents and we will review and modify them taking into consideration existing contract documents that the Client may have and want to use.

During the review of the contract documents we will be viewing for contradictions in clauses, flaws in legal language, ensuring that scopes of work are clearly defined and that the general and special conditions are in accordance with international standards.

Pre-Bid Construction Schedule: We will develop a pre-bid construction schedule and identify major milestones for inclusion in the bidding documents prior to transmitting contract documents to the bidders. The pre-bid schedule information is provided as a best estimate of the proposed work sequence, contractual restraints and dependencies, and the contract and /or Project duration based upon the completed design, past experience, and the Project status and forecast information available at bid time.

Contractor’s Construction Schedule: We will encourage successful bidder(s)participation in the Master Schedule to make them aware of their scheduling responsibilities and obligations as required by the Contract Documents.

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