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Post Construction Phase

Preparing and transmitting documents connected with final payment, the organization of operation and maintenance manuals, assembling record drawings, Contractor follow-up, Owner move-in or start-up, Contractor call-back, and Contractor close-out.

Final Cost Report: We will summarize total Project costs in a final report, listing all change orders and identifying any unresolved issues which may have a cost impact.

Final Payment: When the Contractor has completed all punch list items, we will arrange with the Consulting Engineer and the Client for a final inspection of the facility. When the Client is satisfied that the work has been satisfactorily completed, we will make recommendations, in writing to the Client, for final payment to the Contractor. 

Contractor Close-out: We will co-ordinate and expedite the completion of Contractor submittal requirements prior to contract close-out, including certificate of substantial completion; completion of punch list work; final lien waivers; guarantees/warranties; and final payment application.
We will work with the Client in final Project cost accounting, providing Project cost records and general Project documentation as required and established at the outset of the Project.

Close out Reports: All reports that have been issued during the design and construction phases will be prepared in final form, summarizing the Project history. Cost accounting will be prepared with the final resolution of all expenditures. These reports should officially note the dates of substantial completion and commencement of warranties.

Project Management Control Systems (PMCS)

Planning and Master Schedule
Further to the above, a schedule management for the project packages/phases will be implemented in Primavera, for the hierarchy of schedules on the project as follows:

  • Project Master Schedule
  • Consultant and Contractor Project Schedules
  • Contractual Milestones
  • Overall Contract Schedule
  • Two Week Look Ahead
  • Submittal Schedule

The Project Master Schedule is the overall evaluation and performance tool for monitoring the project progress. It will be used to identify and coordinate inter-relationships between various project components, authorities  approvals, client approvals and any other adjacent projects. It will cover the various phases of the Project, Master planning, Design, and Construction. The Project Master Schedule is developed during the planning phase in order to establish a baseline. It also identifies major project milestones, and key contract and financial milestones as identified in the various project contracts. This aspect of the Project Management Services is detailed further later in this proposal.
The operation of this planning management shall include but not be limited to network diagrams, schedule updates, computer generated schedules, reports and cost data necessary to control and execute the project. All network diagrams requested shall be in the precedence time scale format. The Project Manager will arrange to produce and furnish to the Client, at the required intervals, the following schedules.

Master Schedule
Upon award of the contract, we will meet with the Client to discuss and review project issues with respect to the Project Master Schedule. This schedule will be developed, regularly updated, refined and/or revised within the overall designated time span of the project and will be furnished to the Client within a period of 15 days from contract award. Upon approval by the Client, this schedule shall serve as the frame work for the subsequent development of all detailed schedules.

Construction Schedule
During the construction period, we will review the construction schedule prepared by the contractor. The schedule, once approved, shall be the contractual schedule against which progress will be assessed. The schedule shall be sufficiently detailed so as to be suitable for costs and resource loading against which payments the contract(s) shall be evaluated and to ensure that the construction schedule is regularly updater to reflect the latest status of works and tie it to established milestones keyed to the overall master schedule.

Adjustments to Project Master Schedules
Working with the various project parties involved, the Project Manager will, if deemed necessary, revise, add or elaborate on original activities (within the overall time frame of the project) to ensure complete understanding by all participants of activities to be accomplished and submit the same to the Client for approval.

Cost Control

The basic requirement of a project budget is that it be realistic. The graphic on the following page illustrates the process that PM uses to create, update / revise, and monitor budgets. The process that PM uses Endeavour’s to ensure from the very outset that the project budget is as realistic as possible given the data available at any one point in time. In order to avoid adoption of an unrealistic budget the PM will schedule a workshop with project stakeholders to discuss and evaluate the budget prior to formal Client approval.

Project accounting will be accomplished using Expedition the companion software to Primavera® (P3) and will include budgets and cash flow reports for each contract required to execute the project. Reporting will include comparisons of current working estimates of contracts compared to the original budget, costs of approved and pending changes, and costs to complete for each contract. Expedition will again be used as the software for this cost control component.

The operation of this subsystem will include information and details to allow the Client to update the budget to reflect the latest information and adjust the project requirements. In close coordination with the consultant the following items will be prepared.

International Master for projects Management Co. corporate cultures of integrity, professionalism and quality of broad base service have been the fundamentals upon which the Company has been built in Kuwait since2001. The Company’s mission is to improve and to promote this culture and assure that it is recognized externally by clients, complimentors, suppliers and competitors. Our range of services cover project planning, management, project co-ordination, development monitoring, the role of project advisor and expert witness .our services are always tailored to meet the specific needs of the client and the project

International  Master for projects Management Co. professionalism and constant quest for    improvement in the quality of service, has enabled us to attain and to remain at the forefront in our field, utilizing the latest technology in providing a pro-active, creative and consistent service As all P.M. software is installed into our PC’s for the individual use of International Master Company staff and into the computers lab.
The Company’s dedication to satisfying the changing needs of our diverse client, its adaptability and multi faceted services has all been recognized by the industry.

Our success is entirely dependent upon the high quality and enthusiasm of the human resources within the Company. Their commitment to research and development has made the Group a market leader in financial control and reporting with the aid of information technology we are expanding our sphere of influence actively seeking and creating global opportunities.

International Master for projects Management Co. great emphasis upon the importance of research and development in our constant quest to improve the levels of service, which we are able to offer our clients . The Company’s standardization of systems and training in and regular updating thereof ensures that the results of our efforts are disseminated consistently throughout the Company.

The Company’s aim is to penetrate the global village network  and to be an active participant in this competitive market . The efforts of our Company has been in the forefront of this process. 

International Master company has a long experience in managing different types of projects where services of varying nature were provided, such as resident & commercial buildings, hotel & hospitality projects, industrial projects, and treatment plants, these projects sum up in total to more than  150 projects. 

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